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Digital Hearing Aids

The word digital is thrown around a lot today when talking about all kinds of electronic devices. What it means as far as hearing aids is that the sounds coming into the hearing aid are converted into a format that can be changed/adjusted by a computer chip. This occurs in real-time. In other words the computer chip inside the hearing aid is constantly making adjustments to the sound.

The best comparison I can make is to cameras. Remember back when cameras were really large, even the ones that were hand held, this was the same with movie/video cameras. This was because you had all these parts on the inside that were needed to make the camera work. When cameras became digital/computerized they became much smaller as all the "working parts" are basically inside a small computer chip. Think of all the mobile phones with cameras in them!

Hearing aids are the same. The digital computer chip inside a hearing aid allows it to be easily adjusted by your audiologist. It also gives the hearing aid many more capabilities without increasing the size. This is why on many digital hearing aid you have several listening modes, automatic volume control, and even automatic feedback (when the hearing aid squeals) reduction.

Digital hearing aids are also called 100% Digital hearing aids and are the highest quality available instruments on the market today.

Searchwave - Digital Hearing Aids